Intelligent project monitoring in Civil Construction is relatively new in India, however due to advancement in IT and availability of sophisticated equipments in India, Contractors and Government Organizations are opting for sophisticated & intelligent project monitoring.

We at Adhikari Engineering Pvt. Ltd. provide highly sophisticated turn-key solutions in Intelligent Project Management which includes PLC Based Plant Automation, SCADA Software, Vehicle Tracking Systems and Web Based Project Management Platform.

  • SCADA software Integrates data from RMC Plant, Batch-Mix plant or Paver Plant in a suitable database so that various batch reports can be generated.
  • Various carriers such as dumpers, transit mixers etc. then carry this material to various project sites. These devices are installed with VTS devices
  • These VTS devices send Vehicle Tracking Data to server and generates trip data whichis then integrated with Plant's batch report
  • Thus this combined data can be used for real time project monitoring

Our highly efficient team is capable of handling any complex requirement and give solutions to our customer. We provide 24/7 support to our customers in the fields of project monitoring and Vehicle tracking and this is the reason we have been successful in getting at least 2 or 3 repeat orders from most of our customers.

Through vehicle tracking system complete fleet can be tracked for their locations 24/7 along with customized report generation for various important parameters such as stoppage, over-speed, Fuel Consumption, Restricted Area etc. Customized SMS Alerts can be sent in case of any errors in monitored parameters.