Automation and Information Technology are no longer separated by a concrete wall nowadays. At one hand industrial Hardwares and Softwares are becoming more and more IT oriented, adding more and more IT features and at the same time management is keen on collecting real time data from field devices such as PLC and SCADA and link up these inputs to Management Information System (MIS).

Therefore, at this crucial juncture expertise in both Automation and IT has become essential. We at Adhikari Engineering Pvt. Ltd. have expert technocrats in both these fields. Our experts are well versed with Automation and IT. Therefore, we can offer fully customized solutions to our customers.

Right from designing cloud based softwares, developing websites to providing 21 CFR, Part 11 compliant software to generating customized reports, we have successfully completed various projects involving combination of Industrial Automation and Information Technology.

Our expertise in softwares such as .net,, java, vb6, sql, mssql enables us to undertake complex projects meeting customer’s exact requirements.

Customers can get real time values from their field controllers and have control on their processes at crucial time. Through centralized server they can monitor all their field installation real time and generate reports, saving cost of maintenance, avoiding breakdowns and building companies brand in the long run.