Having a ‘Can Do’ attitude has helped us in developing various unique solutions for our customers. We do not leave any stone un turned when customer comes with any requirement or problem. We try to provide which matches his requirement.

Due to this we have developed few unique solutions such as:

GPRS Based wireless valve monitoring system:
This system has a microprocessor based controller which senses any BF valves position and sends it’s angular position along with time stamp to central server. This low cost controller can work on battery and 24 volt supply as well. These values then can be compiled in a database and exact position of the valve can be shown on internet.

GPRS Based wireless standalone Analogue Module:
An OEM customer had a unique requirement. In that he wanted to send a few analogue values to his central office and then monitor these values for the lifetime of the machine. Also, purchasing a PLC based system only for sending the values was costly therefore we suggested him GPRS based analogue module. Using a normal simcard we sent 8 analogue values to his server. Also, these values were shown on a SCADA system for monitoring and control. Thus, this machine could be managed remotely and maintenance became very easy.